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Armin Ernst

President of Steward Health Care International

First things first: US firm Steward Health Care, which in 2018 took over the concession for the operation of three hospitals from Vitals Global Healthcare, says it is fully focused on overhauling Malta’s hospital infrastructure before seeking to attract medical tourists to the island, says Armin Ernst, President of Steward Health Care International.

Jeremy Remacha

Former CEO of SR Technics

"Mentoring young talents and helping them in the development of their career aspirations inspires me to share my experiences". This is what motivates Jeremy Remacha to get to the office in the morning, as he reveals in his Executive Bio.

Russell Mifsud

Associate Director and Gaming Industry Specialist at KPMG

"My colleagues, my clients and the butterflies that come with facing a new challenge". This is what motivates Russell Mifsud to get to the office in the morning, as he reveals in his Executive Bio.

Steve Grech

Chairman of the Financial Institutions Association Malta (FIMA)

2018 is a game-changing year for banks and payment services providers as the Payments Services Directive 2 (PSD2) came into effect on January, 13. The new EU Directive aims to increase innovation, transparency and competition within the sector, requiring European banks to open their infrastructures to licensed third-party providers. This will enable more companies to get into the payments space, says Steve Grech, Chairman of the recently launched Financial Institutions Malta Association (FIMA).

Silvio Schembri

Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services

Listening to the iGaming industry’s concerns is one of Silvio Schembri’s biggest priorities. The Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy & Innovation says that Malta wants to develop new talent within the industry while positioning itself as an international hub for DLT and blockchain operators.

Patrick Streppel

CEO of Insel Games

Patrick Streppel, CEO of games publisher Insel Games, says that the sheer flood of new games makes it very difficult to gain players’ attention these days, while the use of in-app purchases means a game has to motivate people to keep on spending money.



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